OMG: Tom And Abby From "Queer Eye" Have Officially Remarried (PHOTOS)



Remember how in love Tom was with his ex-wife Abby when his episode of the reboot of Queer Eye aired? Of course you do, because it made everyone CRY THEIR EYES OUT.

The two reunited on the show, but didn't get back together until a couple weeks later.


Seriously, it only took WEEKS from that to THIS:


Fans of the couple rejoiced at news of their engagement just a short time later. 

It's almost like these two were meant for each other! The Fab 5 knew it and so did we. 

"It’s official, Abby and I are engaged." Tom wrote on Twitter in March. "What a Netflix special the would be. If the Fab 5 planned and attended our wedding!!!!!!!!!"


While it doesn't look like Tom and Abby had a Netflix special, they did end up eloping and departing for a beautiful honeymoon in the mountains. 



Are you here for the newly remarried couple?


photos via Twitter

Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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