Here's Why Your Allergies Are So Bad You Probably Can't Open Your Eyes


Yesterday, I had such bad allergies my eyes were basically swollen shut for 12 hours. They burned whenever I opened them and had to keep a cold compress over my right eye well into the night. 

I ended up taking an Uber to an urgent care. It was so bad, I knew it couldn't have been basic, run-of-the-mill allergies! BUT... that's what the doctor ended up telling after an hour of sitting in a waiting room. I was so frustrated that 1) I'd spent money on an Uber there, and 2) That I'd just have to take some medicated allergy drops and wait it out...

Today, after dousing my eyes in the drops, taking Allegra, AND keeping a cold compress with me, I headed into work hoping for the best. 

If you're going through the same kind of hell in and around Charlotte, here's why:

And I'm noticing that all corporate buildings have chosen to mow their lawns yesterday and today!

How wonderful!

It looks like we won't be getting any breaks from the pollen well into the weekend, so make sure you keep your allergy relief meds with you or stay inside in the air conditioning altogether!

It won't be getting better any time soon...

*us at work*

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Brooke Morrison

Brooke Morrison

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