Here's The Badass Pilot Who Saved That Deadly Southwest Flight


A real-life hero!

The pilot who landed the Southwest Airlines flight heading from NYC to Dallas earlier this week managed to stay cool as a cucumber the entire time, and she's also one of the first women pilots in the Navy AND one of the first women to fly the F/A 18 fighter jet.

Tammie Jo Shults is a certified badass. 


Tuesday, Southwest flight 1380 was on its way to Dallas when its engine exploded. One woman was pulled halfway through a broken window, another passenger suffered a heart attack, and one unfortunately passed away.

Not only did she land the plane safely, but she also stayed back to personally greet each customer as they exited the plane. 

One passenger, Alfred Tumlinson, told the Associated Press that he’s in awe of how Shults handled the stressful situation.

“She has nerves of steel. That lady, I applaud her. I’m going to send her a Christmas card... The lady, the crew, everything, everybody was immaculate. They were so professional in what they did to get us on the ground.”

Shults is is from New Mexico and joined the Navy in 1985. 

And she's a true Wonder Woman. 

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info via People

photo via @MilitaryFlyMoms on Twitter

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