The Number One Stress Factor In A Person's Lifetime Is....

Stress. We face it everyday! Deadlines, financial obligations, and working long hours are a few of life’s stresses that people face on a daily basis. So, what is the number one cause of stress in an individual’s life?

Well according to a recent survey released by a major research organization, Americans named moving as the number one stressful event in their life! 45% of respondents named moving as number one. In facts, it was more stressful than a divorce (44%), getting married (33%), having children (31%), and starting your first job ever (28%).

Furthermore, of those who handled their own move, 43% said they would never do it again! Finally, of all the things that moving can stress an individual over, packing (48%) was the most stressful thing about the move. So, do you agree? Let me know!