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All-American Goodies To Enjoy This Fall!

Young woman holding glass of apple juice and fresh apple

So fall is officially here. Leaves are changing colors and there is a nip in the air at night. So while barbecues may be on hold till next year, there are still some delicious goodies that mark the beginning of the autumn season.

I decided to see what are some of America’s favorite fall foods. Well not surprisingly, many of them are what I guessed they might be! So let’s take a look at a few of these delicious goodies!

5. Anything pumpkin! From donuts, to pies, to lattes, Americans love pumpkin!

4. Caramel apples. Ahhh...an apple on a stick covered in caramel! A tasty fall treat!

3. Pecan pie. A fall tradition. A staple for Thanksgiving.

2. Apple cider. Served warm or chilled, cider is delicious either way!

1. Apple pie. An American tradition. Apples are a large part of American agriculture, and nothing is more American than a slice of delicious apple pie.

So there they are. Some of America’s favorite fall treats! So enjoy the season cause soon winter will be upon us.

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