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Paint That You Can't Get Anymore. Here's Why

Radoactive warning symbol.

Looking to paint a room this weekend? There are so many colors to choose from today that you are sure to get one to your liking. However, there are a few colors, that at one time were available, that are no longer available to get. What are they you say? Well, let’s look at a few of them

1. Vermillion red. Vermillion gets it bright red-orange color from... mercury! Don’t need mercury poisoning right?

2. Lead white. Lead was banned in the 1970’s for its toxicity.

3. Uranium orange. Yup, made from uranium. Believe it or not, there was china painted with uranium orange at one time!

4. Radium green. Another toxic form of radiation. At one time, wrist watch dials were painted with radium green to glow in the dark. Until your wrist started glowing too!

5. Gamboge yellow. A yellowish pigment that was found to be deadly if ingested in even very small amounts.

So don’t go looking for these colors anymore. Think I’ll stick with what I can get at my local hardware store!

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