Dr. Anthony Fauci Gets His Very Own......Bobble Head? Yes!

Dr. Anthony Fauci has finally made it big time! Oh we already know that he a respected and knowledgeable figure when it comes to infectious diseases, especially on the current corona virus pandemic, but his latest accolade assures him celebrity status! Dr. Fauci is getting his own bobble head!

The National Bobble Head Hall of Fame and Museum has created the figurine of Dr. Fauci, in a suit, making a motion that we need to “flatten the curve!” According to museum founder and CEO Phil Sklar, Dr. Fauci was chosen because people see him as a plain-speaking expert on corona virus and a hero in the fight against the microorganism.

The best part is that the museum will donate $5 from every $25 Fauci bobble head to the American Hospital Association in its efforts to get masks and protective equipment for health care workers. When told that his bobble head would help the association, Dr. Fauci said that it was “great.” Plainly said, Dr. Fauci!