Sooo...You Don't Want To Take Down That Christmas Tree. Here's What To Do!

Christmas origami tree. More and more people are using their mobile phones to learn how to do crafts

Christmas is over and people have long put their decorations and trees away. However, it appears that there are a few diehards who just can’t seem to be able to take the tree down! So what do those people do? The turn their Christmas tree into a Valentines tree!

That’s right. According to a story in the Mirror Online, there are about 2,400 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #ValentinesTree where people show their Christmas trees now decorated with hearts, feathers, teddy bears, and roses.

Jennifer Houghton, whose Instagram account is TurtleCreekLane, has some of the more popular photos of Valentine trees. You may want to visit her account if you are looking for ideas. So if you still have a tree up, you may want to convert it to celebrate Valentine’s Day!



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