Workers Renovating Wall In New Jersey Find 112 Year Old Message

Everyone loves to comes across a relic or item from a long time ago. It harks back to a time before we existed and makes us think what it must have been like when the item first was made or created.

Well workers renovating a wall at a New Jersey college made such a discovery recently. While working on a wall, Robert Kanaby hit a void and heard some glass break. Upon investigation, he found a message in a bottle left by the men who built the original wall in 1907!

The message read as follows: “This is to certify that this wall was built by two bricklayers from Newark, N.J. by the names of William Hanly and James Lennon, members of No. 3 of the B.M.IU. of America.” Imagine the world in 1907 versus the world 112 years later in 2019. Great stuff to think about!

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