Study Shows A Majority Will Do Their Christmas Shopping Online This Year

When the Internet and the World Wide Web became much more accessible to people, there were many who predicted that shoppers would find the convenience of online shopping preferable to going to the mall. This would be especially true during the holiday season. Well it appears that those predictions have come true.

A study released by a business analytics firm found that 95% of Americans will do the majority of their Christmas shopping online this year. Younger people lead the trend with16% of them saying they will only shop online for their presents.

Finally, smartphones will be the vehicle of choice when doing online shopping. 80% of the respondents said they would do their shopping via their cell phone. The rise of such online merchants as Amazon has made shopping at home much more convenient than trekking to the mall, finding a parking space, and fighting the crowds. So how many of you will do the majority of your shopping online? Leave me a comment and let me know!