Here Is Your Recommended Daily Dose Of Music For A Healthy Mind And Body

You eat a balanced diet, right? Well a French music company by the name of Deezer says that you should also have a balanced diet of music! Deezer worked with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to come up with right “daily dose” of music for a healthy body and mind. The study followed 7,500 individual’s relationship between music and mental/physical well being. Below is their “recommended daily dose of music” for happiness and physical well-being:

•14 minutes of uplifting music (18% of your recommended daily allowance);

•16 minutes of calming music (20.5% of your RDA);

•16 minutes of music to relieve sadness (20.5 % of your RDA);

•15 minutes of motivating music 19% of your RDA);

•17 minutes of music to reduce anger (22% of your RDA).

That’s 78 minutes of music a day to feel happy and healthy. The music can all be the user’s choice, too! The study showed that, when followed, this 78 minutes resulted in an 82% increase in an individual’s happiness! So now you have more reasons to listen to us while in the car or at home! Take advantage of it!



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