Meats Infused With Budweiser Beer? Yes! Coming This Summer

For those of you who like to drink Budweiser beer with your spare ribs or bratwurst, you are in luck! This summer, Budweiser will introduce Budweiser Meats! Yes, meats infused with, or made with the King of Beers!

Budweiser is teaming up with Coleman Meats to produce the beer tasting treat. The bratwurst, pulled pork, and spare ribs will be infused with the beer. The jalapeƱo and regular brats will actually be made with the beer. Finally, the sauce for the spare ribs will also be made with Budweiser beer.

So there you have it! Your favorite barbecue meats will taste that much better this summer since they will be made with your favorite beer. Of course you can still knock down a cold one while waiting for the meats to get done, right?



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