What? $38 Million Utility Bill From Con-Ed For A 600 Square Foot Apartment?

A man from Queens, New York was shocked when he opened up his Con-Edison utility bill and found out that he owed the company $38 million! Tommy Straub owns a 600 square foot studio apartment in Queens and his usual monthly bill is around $74.

Straub took to social media to complain about the bill. "I own a 600 square foot apartment in Astoria, [Queens]. I do NOT own the entirety of Manhattan Island. THIS IS INSANE. FIX IT," Straub tweeted. His tweet is pretty funny and original.

After Straub's tweet went viral, Con-Edison got in touch with him and, after apologizing to him, sent him a correct bill. However, there has been no word on what caused the unusual bill. Hmmm...computer error?



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