Woman Gets Her Google Account Suspended Because Her Name Is..Meghan Trainor

Seattle-based artist Meghan Trainor had her Google and Twitter accounts suspended! No not the pop star! Artist and performer Meghan Trainor from Seattle, who just happens to share the same name as the famous celebrity known for such hits as “All About That Bass,” had her accounts suspended for “impersonating” a celebrity.

Trainor thought it was cute and funny when when she first found out that she shared the same name as the singer until all her Google accounts were suspended for faking a impersonation of a celebrity. When Trainor went on Twitter to vent her frustrations about the suspensions, Twitter promptly suspended her account too for impersonating a celebrity!

As media attention grew about her story, Trainor was finally able to get her accounts reinstated. She now is campaigning for real people with celebrity names to get their own form of digital verification. After all that grief, let’s hope she is successful in her new venture!



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