New Type Of Injury Is Happening Because of Selfies?!

Ok, it was just a matter of time until this new firm of injury was going to be happened upon. An orthopedic doctor from from Los Angeles, Dr. Levi Harrison, says that he has seen an increase of patients complaining about pain in their wrists and tingling in their fingers. Diagnosis? “Selfie Wrist!”

Yes, an injury from taking too many selfies on your smartphone. “It’s a form of carpal tunnel because what happens again is this hyperflexion of the wrist appears to cause median nerve damage neuritis, which basically, is the nerve becomes inflamed and angry,” said Dr. Harrison. 

Harrison had been teaching patients how to take a selfie by holding their phone so as to lessen the strain on the wrist. He also recommends exercises that help relieve the inflammation. Wow! Guess I’ll cut back on my selfies from now on!

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