Remarkable Music Tape Found In A Peron's Garage!

A very unique and  remarkable tape was released recently, and it is  expected to sell for  thousands of dollars when it is auctioned off. The  tape is a 1963 demo  recording of a fledgling artist whose name was  David Jones while he was  with a band called the Konrads. Today we know  him better by his more  famous stage name: David Bowie!

The band’s  drummer, David Hadfield, found the tape of a song called "I Never  Dreamed" in a bread basket in his garage while he was in the midst of a  move. Remarkably, he found the  tape in the 1990s and kept its existence  a secret up till now. As the  demo did not land the band a recording  contract, all the band members, including Bowie, thought the tape no  longer existed. 

According to Hadfield, Bowie, 16 years old at the  time, served chiefly  as the band’s saxophonist. He occasionally sang,  although Hadfield said  that Bowie was more concerned with being “a  world class saxophone  player” and had “no inclination to become a  singer at this point.”   Luckily for the world of music, Bowie had a change of heart. Listen to a snippet below.



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