Emily Ratajkowski Not Harry Styles' 'Celebrity Crush' Despite Viral Video

Photo: Getty Images

By now, we've all seen the alleged video of Harry Styles saying Emily Ratajkowski, who he was spotted sloppily making out with in the streets of Tokyo, is his celebrity crush. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news — but it's not true.

The video that resurfaced that subsequently went mega-viral was an edited clip from a 2014 One Direction promotional event for their Four album. In the real clip, the interviewer asks Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan who their celebrity crushes are. Rihanna and Emma Watson's names were thrown around a bit until Styles spoke on behalf of Liam and named his celebrity crushes, Lindsay Lohan and Ratajkowski.

Harry did admit to having a crush on an Emily, albeit not Ratajkowski. Emily Blunt was his lady, he revealed in the interview.

For those interested in knowing who the "What Makes You Beautiful" singers were interested nearly 10 years ago, Louis was into Natalie Portman, according to Niall. Other names thrown around included Sofía Vergara and Jennifer Lopez.

Despite the model not being Harry's celebrity crush all those years ago, she is reportedly "interested in seeing him again," a source told People. This report came on the heels of a source's revelation involving Styles' ex Olivia Wilde, who believes the new situationship is a "betrayal."

You can watch the original One Direction interview below (the celebrity crush question appears shortly before the 5 minute mark):

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