Try This Friday Idea to Break Up the Monotony of Quarantine

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

To break up the monotony of quarantine I decided on doing "Festive Fridays" which means each Friday has a theme and I go full out for it.

Tonight I'm doing 'Tacos and Tequila' with fun colorful decorations, yummy tacos, perhaps a skinny marg and of course Gypsy Kings on the playlist. I'm gonna DO IT UP!! 

Next Friday is gonna be 'Fort Night.' No, not the video game. I'm gonna make a fun fort with blankets in my living room and make popcorn and do face masks and all the cozy sleepover type stuff.

I want any suggestions you guys have. What other festive Fridays should I plan? Sound off on social @TanyaRad