My Fascination with True Crime and Murder Documentaries

Have you binged watched a true crime documentary for hours and hours and by the end of it felt like you could possibly be a detective OR be on the other side, and be able to get away with murder….. Or am I the only one that thinks like that?

True crime shows have become a tantalizing trend for millions of people throughout the country for a couple years now. My first taste of a crime show that sucked me in was Criminal Minds. Oh how I was in love with FBI Agent Derek Morgan. I would binge watch the show when it aired on tv….this was before Netflix and Hulu of course. I remember I could not get enough of the show, each episode crazier and more chilling than the last. I was and still am a huge fan of Law and Order: SVU….had the biggest crush on Detective Stabler. I was so sad to see him go but I still continued to watch it to this day, especially because I can’t get over Ice-T’s one liners. Now a days, with Netflix and Hulu and all the other streaming services, you have a collection of any genre of tv or movies at your fingertips. Our fascination for true crime has really taken off in the last couple of years via podcasts, documentaries, movies, and books that focus on infamous cases throughout history and in present times. Many times, through these sources we get into the nitty gritty, dark and gruesome details of cases, as well as one on one interviews with victims, their families and even the accused. What drives us to be fascinated with such evil and darkness?

In my personal case, I am obsessed with the human mind. I love understanding why people think and act the way they do, what childhood memories shaped behavior and patterns, and how they interact with other people. Now when you have someone like a serial killer, my curiosity peaks drastically. I think many people want to be able to explore the dark side of humanity in a safe environment where once you turn off your tv, close the book, or turn of the podcast you are back to your own reality that hopefully and most likely does not include such darkness and evil. It is in our nature to be interested by the concept of good vs evil, which starts at a very young age. I want to understand what made someone get to the point where they needed to and were able to commit murder…..what drove them to that. I don’t know if you all have gotten a chance to watch Netflix’s newest true crime documentary, “American Murder: The Family Next Door”.The entire time I watched this documentary I kept asking myself how this completely “normal” looking man was able to not only murder his PREGNAT wife but also how was he able to look into his daughters little faces and take their innocent lives. How can a father do that? A person that was supposed to be their protector….. What could have possibly allowed him to commit such an evil act? Only he knows what was going through his head in those moments, and no matter what he says, he is the only one that knows what those last moments were like. I could not bring myself to even take the life of animal, so I can’t even imagine your own children you have seen from birth. I hate to say it but even though this trash excuse of a person deserves no clout or attention, I want to know more. That’s usually the case after I watch any documentaries…..I want to know more about the killer and ask them every question in the book.

Another reason why I find myself so fascinated with murder and true crime documentaries is to be as prepared and aware as possible. A lot of murders and people who commit unimaginable crimes tend to fall all under a similar category. If you watch enough true crime, you begin to catch the patterns and it makes you more aware and more cautious in everyday life. As a 4’10 female weighing no more than 115 lbs, trust me when I say I keep my head on a swivel. Being obsessed with this genre of entertainment has opened my eyes and made me aware of the scary world we live in and the possibilities if you aren’t careful or cautious. Studies have revealed that more women than men are more interested in true crime and some believe it’s because women want to know what to look for so they can prevent an attack. I can 100% agree with this reason!

Whatever your reason is to jump on the bandwagon and be obsessed with true crime, one thing is definitely for sure….Hollywood does an amazing job at sucking you in. If you have any recommendations on some of your favorite movies, books, podcast, or documentaries…..PLEASE send them my way!

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