WATCH: A Full Body Workout To Stay In Shape At Home

As of right now, my workout routine has been at a complete halt. This is the case for many others as well. The best thing we can do to help slow the spread of the coronavirus is to stay at home, meaning a lot of us won't have access to a gym for the time being. Luckily, we're finding a lot of solutions for that online!

Here is a home work out recently posted in response to the coronavirus, that doesn't require any weights. You will need a pull up bar for the pull exercises, but other than that, gravity is your best friend. The routine will hit every major muscle group each day, 3 times a week. In between, you'll have rest days where you can include yoga, stretching and other recovery exercises. I'll definitely be starting this today to do my best to stay at home. Here is the full workout and video!

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