AMC Theaters Reduces Seating Capacity By 50% In Response to Coronavirus

AMC Theaters has just announced that it will be reducing its capacity by 50 percent in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Its one of the most recent entertainment centers that will aim to work on social distancing rather than cancel its entry altogether. Although your local AMC may still be open, a handful of movies that were set to release this month have still been postponed. A Quiet Place Part II, F9 (Fast and the Furious) and Mulan are just a few films that audiences were looking forward to seeing at the start of spring, some delayed one month forward while others not having an official new release date yet.

Would you still be willing to go catch a movie this month? As a big movie goer, I'll probably spend the next 30 days in front of my Roku, at least until more information about the coronavirus becomes available. Let's just hope Thanos doesn't snap again when summer hits.