Pay It Forward! On HITS 96.1

Pay It Forward! On HITS 96.1

Plato’s Closet wants to hook you up with $100 in Plato Bucks and give your charity of choice $500! On top of that, you’ll get to pay it forward, with an additional $100 in Plato's Bucks to give to a friend!

But it gets better - the charity you select gets another chance to help, by paying it forward another $500 to a charity partner of its choosing.

Nominate your local charity today and give us a brief description of what they do and why they deserve to win HERE.

Each winner will:

  • Receive $100 in Plato's Bucks
  • Give $100 in Plato's Bucks to a friend

Each selected charity will:

  • Receive a $500 donation from Plato's Closet
  • Pay it Forward by selecting another charity to receive $500

2019 Recipients





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