Guenn Shares Big Announcement on The Ace and TJ Show

Today I announced that I’ll be doing less morning radio. As my children grow, I feel like I’m missing precious time with them. It’s a tough decision to halt a career I’m so passionate about, but Ace and TJ assure me I’m still a part of the team, just in a new way. 

It's a bittersweet time for me as I love being part of the show and feel the pressure of finding a work-life balance. I appreciate the opportunity to still work with Ace and TJ and iHeartRadio for various clients, causes and events. It's an exciting time for me to branch out from the morning show hours and see what else I can accomplish. Plus waking up with my three kids is a welcome change.   

You can listen to the full announcement here: 

Guenn's Big Announcement

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