Charlotte Freaks Out Over Hamilton Tickets

Hamilton tickets went on sale to the general public today and the city of Charlotte went into mass panic mode when 70,000+ people all tried to get them at once. 

Blumenthal Performing Arts Center opened a ticket lottery at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, August 1st where the general public could enter a virtual waiting room to buy tickets. But here's the catch...more than 70,000 people are in the virtual waiting room and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center can only hold about 2,098 people. 

Thankfully, 28 shows will be performed in the Queen City between October 10-November 4, but keep in mind that season ticket holders already have tickets to the show, which means even less than 2,000 seats per show are available in the lottery. Plus, you have to factor in that each person can purchase up to four tickets.

One more thing...the website is currently having technical issues which is delaying the process. 

Check out the hilarious tweets below about the Hamilton uproar and let us know if you're lucky enough to see one of the shows. Good luck!

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