Child Found Dead in Chesterfield County

5/30 Update: Investigators said that Lewis admitted that she made the abduction up, but she won't say how the child's remains ended up in a plastic bin.  Officials said she is the primary suspect in this case. 

5/29 Update: The mother has been taken into custody in connection with the death of her child in Chesterfield.


More tragic news is coming out of South Carolina Tuesday after an 11-month old girl was abducted and found dead in Chesterfield County.

The child was the subject of an Amber Alert this afternoon. Deputies said a woman called saying her child was taken from her as she was checking the mailbox around 2 p.m. The woman said a white male wearing a black coat punched her in the head several times before driving off in a tan and gold SUV. Deputies searching the scene found the child dead in a diaper box about 1,000 yards away from her home.

The victim said she’s never seen the man before. Anyone with information about the assault or the kidnapping is asked to contact the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 623-2101.

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