You Can Now Buy 'Mayochup' And People Don't Know How To Feel About It

Are you one of those people that mix Ketchup with Mayonnaise to make your own special dipping sauce? 

Well, apparently it's not so special after all! A LOT of people know the recipe to your special sauce, so many so that Heinz has released an official mix of the two sauces, naming it "Mayochup."

Peoples reactions to the sauce are amazing.

Some are confused/upset while others are like "WTF we've been doing this forever."

Apparently, the combination of the two sauces is something people from Utah are all too familiar with.

They even have a name for it already and everything! "Fry Sauce".

While I personally am not a fan with anything with mayo in it, I can understand how this many not be such a new concept for a lot of people. What do you think? 

While the sauce is currently only available online in the Middle East, all the hubbub has inspired Heinz to start a Twitter poll on whether or not to bring 'Mayochup' to the states. 

Only time will tell!

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