This Giant Pink Float Has A Champagne Cooler In It

2016-17 was all about the Flamingo/Swan float...

Remember these?

But NOW... we have a giant pink float shaped like a convertible, big enough to fit multiple people, with a Champagne cooler attached. 


What more could you want for Spring Break/Summer?

The float was created by FUNBOY and features a compartment at the head of it that comfortably fits speakers or a cooler. It also has a couple of cup holders on its sides. 

According to the site, the float will inflate in about 2 minutes using a blow dryer. How convenient!

You can snatch it right up for $128!

 "The wind in your hair, the water on your toes. It’s not the destination, it’s the road you take to get there," reads the site.

Pick yours up HERE!

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