10 Commandments of Day Drinking

Summer is the season to spend some days with friends and your favorite booze. These 10 Commandments of Day Drinking shall show you the way to enjoy the day to the fullest...

  1. Thou shall wear sunscreen.
  2. Thou shall not do shots.
  3. Thou shall wear luxurious sunglasses.
  4. Thou shall go home before continuing through the night.
  5. Thou shall Uber/Lyft/cab literally everywhere.
  6. Thou shall not start drinking without a base (of food).
  7. Thou shall keep a phone charged by any means possible.
  8. Thou shall stick to just one type of drink per bar.
  9. Thou shall know thy limits, no matter how good one feels.
  10. Thou shall hydrate.


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