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The Margarita Confessionals

People often ask us how the idea for The Margarita Confessionals came about. We were going to try to come up with an inspiring, entrepreneurial backstory. In reality, we're just best friends who like to drink margaritas and talk about dating, relationships, our careers, and more. We figured other people might be able to relate to what we were saying as we sipped our drinks, and the podcast was born.  

We began in 2015 as “the podcast for the jaded dater” but have since broadened our horizons. We’ve realized that while many of our listeners are out there dating, you’re also trying to achieve big things in your career, take care of your physical and mental well-being, be a good friend, and manage your connections with your family. That’s why we want to talk about anything and everything dating-related, but we also want to cover all the other, equally important areas of your life."

We hope you enjoy The Margarita Confessionals as much as we love doing it.  We always want to hear from you, so connect with us at any time!

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