The Best First Date Ideas By Age

Great first date activities can obviously vary by age...thanks to Post Grad Problems, the list of ideas below can help take the guesswork out of making the most of a first date, depending on your age: 

13-15 years old: “Watch” a Movie. Where else can a teenager with no driver’s license go for some alone time where it’s socially acceptable to make out?

16-18 years old: Mini Golf. When everyone is hooking up at parties or the backseat of cars, any sober event that doesn’t take place in the backseat of a Toyota Camry is romantic as heck.

19-22 years old: Dinner Date. The fact that dating in college is fairly nonexistent combined with not everyone being of legal drinking age really leaves dinner as the only good option.

23-27 years old: “Grab Drinks.” It’s a casual commitment that could turn into something more serious--or it could end after two drinks when you realize they’re still “friends" with all their exes.

28-38 years old: Hiking or Concerts. Going on a hike says, “I’m still in good shape, and I do things other than just get drunk.”

39-50 years old: Anything Expensive. The only part of your dating profile that isn’t on the decline is your financial status.

51-69 years old: “Grab Drinks.” Open up that bottle of ’99 Cab and let alcohol do the heavy lifting.

70+ years old: “Watch” a Movie. At your age, there’s no time to waste on games.

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