Tegan & Sara Call Out YouTube for Censoring LGBTQ Content

Tegan & Sara, along with a slew of other artists, are taking to Twitter to ask YouTube why their "restricted mode" bans a lot of LGBTQ content on the platform.

YouTube now offers a restricted mode that filters mature content that may contain sensitive content.

When Tegan & Sara used the mode on YouTube, they found a number of their videos banned from view. The duo, who are proud advocates of the LGBTQ community and are openly gay, took to Twitter to express their unhappiness.

YouTube soon responded with a message saying they are proud to represent LGBTQ voices and the intention of the mode is to filter out mature content. They say videos that discuss more sensitive issues may be restricted and they are looking into the concerns.

But after nearly 19 hours of berating on Twitter, YouTube came back with another message.

Only time will tell what YouTube considers offensive or sensitive in this way.

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